Trouble in Ethiopia

The roller coaster ride continues.  There are 2 different sets of trouble in Ethiopia causing unrest for those of us who are trying to get our children out of there.  First, as BarnabasAid reports, there are 10,000 Christians in Ethiopia with urgent needs as a result of Islamic violence.  Muslims have burned dozens of churches, attacked several Christian villages, and killed at least three Christians in the process.  Fortunately, the government has confronted the Muslims.  Accordingly, about 130 of those committing the violence have been arrested. Hopefully, the Muslim violence will now subside.

A second order of trouble is brewing as well, which is already threatening orphan adoptions.  The Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA) in Ethiopia is contemplating a move that would severely restrict orphan adoptions from the country.

We have learned that if MOWA proceeds with a plan that is now being considered, then adoptions from Ethiopia will decrease by 90%.  If you wish to understand the plan better, you can read this statement from the Joint Council. The bottom line is that the action would drastically cut down the number of adoptions from Ethiopia.  Children who are ready for adoption now could end up waiting 7 more years before getting to their parents.  Can you imagine having parents ready and willing to adopt you, but the government tells you that you must wait 2,555 more days?  It is a tragic plan that will hurt many people unnecessarily.

Even if you aren’t interested in or able to adopt from Ethiopia, you can help the orphans living there by signing this petition from the Joint Council.  The Joint Council is working with several agencies to work out a resolution to this problem, making it possible for orphan adoption to continue in Ethiopia.  Vickie and I, along with everyone who is waiting now to receive a referral from Ethiopia, would appreciate your taking just a minute to sign this petition, urging MOWA to reconsider for the sake of orphans in Ethiopia.



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